This is one of the most popular questions on a day to day basis: what is something I can do every single day that I know is good for my body? This is important because if we can get the basics right, there is a good chance we can avoid all kinds of ailments. This is not a protocol for treating specific issues like leaky gut, but helps strengthen our body for nutrients that we are heavily lacking. 

Before you clarify that you don’t need supplements and eat well enough, this is not the mindset you’re looking to maintain. You need to be proactive and ask, what do I need to do to continue to live the life that I want? We often become deficient in basic nutrients because we are so busy, or ingesting GMO foods that are deficient in the core nutrients we need. 

Fish Oils (04:21)

There are a lot of names that get thrown out for Fish Oils: Omega 3’s, tuna oil, or even cod liver oil. These contain essential fatty acids. We don’t make these, so we need to eat more omega 3. These contain DHA which is a large part of our brain mass, and support our immune system. Many of our health concerns are caused by systemic inflammation, which is caused by an imbalance of omega 3’s to omega 6 fats (which can be found in a lot of processed foods). Ideally, it’s recommended to get 1000 mg of DHA a day. I also recommend Cod Liver Fish oil for clearing brain fog. They can be great on the spot tool to get back some mental clarity. I recommend the getting the Standard Process Cod Liver Oil. When it comes to consuming fish oils, I also encourage you to rotate them. Try a couple of bottles of cod liver oil, then rotate to something else. Try to figure out what you need to help yourself. 

Minerals (13:51)

Everyone can benefit from having minerals because the soil we get our food from is depleted with the necessary minerals. I get my supplements from Standard Process, a company that I have personally checked out their farms. One of the most unique things about them is that they plant their products topsoil that is 7 ft deep, compared to other farms that normally plant in 2-3 ft. I recommend taking mineral supplements first thing in the morning. Using a natural whole food supplement is much more important to take than a synthetic supplement. 

Magnesium (22:23)

 Magnesium is responsible for over 300 different biochemical reactions a day. This is a problem because more than 75% of our population is depleted in magnesium. When you consume alcohol, carbohydrates, and sugars, this can consume magnesium at double our normal rate. The primary benefits of magnesium are that it will help you stay asleep at night, become more fertile, improve bowel movements, and help build serotonin. 

 There are different types of magnesium, and I use magnesium lactate the most. I don’t recommend magnesium oxide. Magnesium lactate is one of the most absorbable for your body and your brain. I get my magnesium lactate from Standard Process. 400 mg of magnesium per day is the standard amount.

Whole Food Supplement (30:47)

Many people think of this as your multivitamin, and the answer is yes and now. You want to make sure that you are taking a multivitamin, but you want avoid a synthetic supplement. These synthetic supplements are made in a lab and don’t have all the included elements that you would receive while eating foods high in certain vitamins and nutrients. When you are looking for a multivitamin and see in the ingredient list including the word ‘as.’ This means that nutrient is structurally the same, but will not have the same nutrients as eating the food. A whole food supplement I use, that comes from Standard Process, is called Catalyn.

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