Today I am going to share my journey. The story of my personal health journey and the challenges that i had in the past, and how I overcame them.

I get asked all the time why am i so passionate about health? The root of all this are the challenges I had with my own health, and how I eventually helped myself heal. I learned through the school of hardknocks, and I want to pass my information along, so you don’t have to. No matter where you are with your health, there is always a way to take whatever condition you are working with currently and move into a better place. Today I want to share my journey and hope to inspire you.

Asthma and Allergies (4:38)

I couldn’t breathe growing up, and my mom did what she could only do: take me to the doctor. A major issue with the healthcare system is that it revolves around symptom relief, not building health. In my case, the health care system tried to clear the symptoms of Asthma and helped me breathe better, but not to get me healthier. I followed the standard protocols and took my antibiotics for allergies, sinus infections, and chronic ear aches. I took allergy shots, but I always remembered I would feel drained, and would feel better when I skipped allergy shots. I would be given a steroid inhaler, which actually down regulates your immune system!

If you have allergies, you have a deficiency in the ability to handle whatever is coming into your body. For me, this meant that my immune system needed to be built up to heal my allergies. I was told I would have to deal with this the rest of my life, but never once was I told my allergies or asthma were an immune issue. Eventually, a chiropractor told me as I took an inhaler out, “If you want to breathe better you need to get stuff out of your body. You need to get your immune system a little stronger, and probably just need to start with hydrating a little better.“ Year in and year out, I learned to integrate new information and how to think about getting healthy, and now I no longer have asthma or allergies. Asthma and Allergies are fixable

Lower Back Injury (14:28)

The next health challenge was due to sports injury. I injured my lower back in a rugby accident. I was diagnosed with 3 bulging herniated disc (3,4, & 5). The challenge again was similar to before. I had a lot of pain and was given symptom relief via pain pills, steroid shots, and muscle relaxers. Part of my treatment included the requirement to no longer play contact sports or do any heavy lifting. Additionally, I had a partial paralysis from the belly button down. This was a pivotal moment at the age of 19 because no one was giving me a solution to get me walking again. I went to a chiropractor, who said, “ Yes, you have injured your lower back, you have disc issues putting pressure on your nerves. If we increase the mobility of your spine, and take care of misalignments, and get some pressure off those nerves you can heal… We can work on your health.” 

A lot of health practitioners will say you have a herniated disc and that you can’t heal it. I’m here to tell you that you can. There is a process. I developed a simple process to help heal my disks. You can find this process on our website ( or check out our free youtube video to demonstrate spinal flow that I use to heal these disks. This is a daily practice that I do every day, and it is a health ritual that you can integrate to get you healthy. 

Leaky Gut and Adrenal Fatigue (22:49)

My most challenging obstacle occurred within the last decade because no one really could identify or give direction on what was going on. All the antibiotics, steroids, poor sleep, and just plowing forward finally caught up with me. The antibiotics killed the bacterial flora in my stomach, which includes the healthy bacteria. I ended up with a massive gut issue. I didn’t know this was an issue because I had dealt with this my entire life. I developed symptoms of leaky gut, and IBS. Eventually I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Again, I was given a diagnosis that I could not deal with this. The health care system said I could basically take medication or have surgeries to take care of the symptoms. Again these approaches may relieve the symptoms, but wouldn’t make me healthy. 

(25:18) As my gut went bad, my hormones started getting imbalanced. I got my hormones tested, and confirmed that I had hypothyroidism and low testosterone. The simple fix for this was to take thyroid medication and start pumping testosterone into my body. This lead to me having more massive imbalances, and I bailed on this method. What I needed to ask was ‘how do I heal? How do I get a healthy gut?’ I did a lot of experimentation, and now I have my own protocols that I use on a daily basis to help myself and others get over these types of issues in a couple of months. To get started we need to ask the right questions, and stop asking what’s wrong with me? And start asking, ‘what do I need to get better?’

How Should We Think About Health (31:00)

I have been able to streamline these strategies and practices so you don’t have to spend the same amount of time I have to develop these practices. A big part of these changes is your mindset. You have to remember to move right, eat right, think right, and supplement right. Health can be simple, and we are designed to be healthy, but unfortunately we get away with ourselves with the way we think, move, and more importantly not move. 

So why do I share this story? (34:27)

 I want you to understand that is absolutely possible, regardless of age (I am pushing 50!), for you to be healthy. So whether you want to be healthy, be more creative, get more energy, or even get rid of the brain fog you don’t have to reinvent the paradigm. You don’t need to be an expert on healthy, you can borrow that from someone who has already been there.

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