This may be one of the more popular or regular requests I get: How do I increase my brain function? We’re going to discuss what brain fog is, talk about some practical takeaways, and things you can do to increase brain function. The most important thing to keep in mind with increasing brain function is integration. Don’t discount what is taking away from our brain function, because we are doing things daily that take away that function. We’ll also talk about what type of physical actions that will help you function on a higher level. 

Better Brain function=better body function (2:30)

We need focus, clarity, and concentration. We want to get our long and short term memory back. Brain fog, also called brain fatigue, is really having a hard time concentrating and unable to dive deep into topics and stay focused for the long hall. There are very specific issues that are a sign of brain fog, like forgetting names, inability to recall words, ADD, and ADHD. There are many other symptoms that stem from this problem 

What are the primary causes of Brain Fog? (05:02)

1) Sleep: we cannot overlook our need to sleep. We ideally want to sleep 8 hours. So are you letting yourself get that amount of sleep?

2) Sugar: high carbohydrate and sugar diet. Sugar creates inflammation and gets up into our brain. 

3) Leaky Gut: Go back and listen to my podcast on the gut brain connection. The more you have bad food that your body cannot interpret, the more  dysfunction will be in your gut. 

4) Drugs and Medications: I understand why we go down the route of taking drugs and medications. The truth is they all have side effects. Anxiety medications, Statins, depression medications, beta-blockers, and sleeping aids all reduce your ability to remember. 

5) Marijuana with THC, shrinks the hippocampus, which helps with your memory. In addition to shrinking your brain it helps demotivate you and stifles your creativity. 

14:04 Low blood sugar, and hypoglycemia, and insulin resistance are all common issues that people associate with brain fog, but the trick is not to feed the body more sugar, but rather regulate your diet. 

Fixes for Brain Fog (14:41)

First, you need to sleep. More specifically, you need deep REM. This means we have to be mindful of what we are drinking or eating before bed. If you go to bed with alcohol, you will most likely be waking up in the middle of the night, when your body should be restoring your body. 

Diet: We want to go with a low carb, low sugar, high fat diet, and a medium protein diet. You can also benefit from intermittent fasting. If we have more time off, you can allow more off from eating, it will allow your body to clear up the inflammation which helps fog up your brain. 

Supplements (18:11)

1) Ginko is one of my favorites for stimulating brain function. This is neuroprotective, meaning it protects your body from things like inflammation. Ginko increases the circulation to your brain and is most beneficial to your short term and long term memory. The one challenge with Ginko is quality. I recommend to get this from Medi-Herb and Standard Process.

2) Bacopa complex is one of the best to aid you with long term memory. This also helps you with overall mental function, concentration, and learning. It has also been effective in helping with ADHD. The longer you take these supplements means the longer you’re working 

3) Fish Oil is an essential fatty acid for our bodies and brains. We need to get these supplemented from our diet. I always recommend Cod Liver oil, but you can use krill liver oil as well. You can take up to 1000 mg a day in Fish Oil.

4) Ribonucleic Acid is very effective and is a bit of a secret. RNA is what helps your body to express its DNA. This helps with protein synthesis. This feeds your cerebellum, which pertains to motor function. 

Balance training is a phenomenal exercise to increase brain function. You may find a piece of equipment called a bosu ball that you can stand on and continue your workout including having to adapt your body in the constant movie can help wake your brain up. You may also hear about using a plate, or a vibrating machine that is usually at the gym. These vibrator plates enhance your brain cognition. An additional practice you can do is stand on one foot, and use a balance trainer at the gym while you do some exercise. 

Remember the more inflamed our brain is, the more brain fog we have. You will need to incorporate a lot of this information to make a difference in your brain function and integrate low sugar and low carb diet.

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