There is so much information available out there for us on how to properly diet, and it makes people confused–leading to less action. Our goal with this podcast is to just simplify this process. I want you to walk away from this podcast with confidence, not confusion, with what exactly the best diet plan for you to start today.

What is the best doctor recommended diet plan for human beings? (02:08)

Everyone is aware that healthy fats are good for you, and you will see some shock value articles sending some conflicting information. The real difficulty with dieting is that different foods have different uses for different nutritional plans. All diets, like paleo, vegan, or elimination diet, are strategies that we use to get specific results. This differs from what I am talking about, which is a nutritional plan for humans. If you start this plan first, all the other diets will be more effective. When you listen to sports coaches they always mention going back to fundamentals or going back to basics. This is what we need you to do with your nutrition. Don’t do the biohacking, or start with a specific diet, commit to the basics of this nutrition plan and everything will come easier. 

God’s Garden Nutrition Plan (06:25)

 God’s Garden plan has 5 rules:

  1. If you have food that comes from a root, plant or tree, walks in a garden or swims in the sea, we can eat it. So start right there, If you can’t recognize food in its original form, meaning if it comes in a box, or may be more processed, we need to avoid it. 
  2. You need to avoid GMO’s that have pesticides and herbicides, you should be eating organic only. Pesticides in our foods help cause a lot of our health and gut issues. Additionally commercial farms are over-farmed that are depleted in nutrients
  3. If this type of food wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it.
  4. If you do not know if the food meets any of the above rules, then don’t eat it.
  5. FFP (Fiber, Fat, and Protein) Rule: when you look down at your plate, you want to make sure you have Fiber, Fat, and Protein.  Fat is what protects your cell, and makes you strong. Good fats and oils help create a strong and healthy outer layer of the cell. Fibers are a very important void in our diet. Fibrous foods like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, help clean your body out. We need about 30 grams of fiber a day. Proteins are the building blocks for your body. Most people that are focusing on health are looking at protein only, but not on the cleaning part. Be mindful of how much else you are missing in your diet. The portion of protein you have should fit in the palm of your hand.

That is your simple nutrition plan. Once you have this you can start implementing different diet requirements like Keto, veganism, or Paleo to achieve the support you need. However, bare in mind, If you eat perfectly and follow this diet, you will still be deficient in nutrients. You will still need supplements, and I can recommend some from my top four supplements everyone needs podcast episode.

If you are still having major problems after changing your diet and getting supplements, then you should see a practitioner that will help you build a specific diet plan and test out what types of specific plans will help you most. 

Bad Habits (23:32)

If we can’t use these simple rules first, we can’t move on to other diets. You need to have a diet that is built for humans and can grow your food. If one of our foundational foods, such as alcohol, medications, and processed foods, then our foundation is going to down-regulate our human function. We have to be aware of the bad habits that will hurt our diets, and don’t start going cold turkey with getting rid of these bad habits. If you have a daily glass of wine at night, try reducing the number of weeks you have alcohol per week first. 

The simplicity of starting this diet, is that it is easy to start making a habit. This is a diet that can last you forever.

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