There’s a better way to optimal health.

No matter where you are with your health, there is ALWAYS a way to take whatever condition you’re dealing with and move it into a better place.

I found out the hard way and it’s my mission to save you from having to do the same.

I get asked all the time what drives me to continue to create and share health tips and resources every single day. It’s really simple, I overcame some really challenging health issues and I create exactly what I wish had been available to me in those tough years of trial and error.

Not only did I overcome Asthma, Partial Paralysis. Adrenal Fatigue, and a Leaky Gut, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome hundreds of conditions that were holding them back in so many areas of life.

I’d love to share some of my personal health journey…

I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing now…

It all started when I injured my lower back playing rugby in College. I was told that contact sports, running and lifting heavy objects was a thing of the past. I had been diagnosed with three bulging discs. I was told I would possibly need surgery, and to “take it easy”. After seeing many specialists my mom, the SuperMom that she is, wouldn’t accept the prognosis the Doctors gave me. 

So, she brought me to a chiropractor.

This is where my concept about health completely changed. That health came from within… that I could heal, if I helped my body heal. 

Simple I know.

As time went on I applied this simple concept to ALL components of my health. Asthma healed. Allergies healed. Injuries (many!) healed.

This led me to wanting to share this gift of health this gift of knowledge, so I enrolled in Chiropractic school to dive in.

Now after more than two decades as a licensed doctor I been able to help thousands of people achieve what many would call miracles, yet I call the power of the body.

Over time I’ve been able to help people overcome long standing illness’s, injuries, hormone imbalance, energy losses, weight loss, increase productivity and become Superhuman individuals! This led me to be the “Health Doctor” of choice for many high functioning humans. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and SuperMom’s from around the world have choosen to make me part of their health team and lead them to becoming the best and highest version on themselves.

I hope that your health journey continues to bring new and exciting experiences, and that you live being all that you were designed to be!


Dr Bart

How I help people reach peak health

I am beyond grateful for the gift of peak health in my own life and I want to do everything I can to help others achieve the same.

I create daily facebook live videos with simple, effective health tips based on my decades of experience, education and experimentation with health and wellness.

I offer consultations and custom testing to create custom health plans for my clients.

I have an online program that walks people step-by-step through the process of completely reclaiming and optimizing their health.

Learn more on the work with me page.

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